Running visionrez with hsbcad fails to load after updating*


When running visionREZ together with hsbcad and updating hsbcad to v20.3.27 or v21.0.53, hsbcad will not load.


An updated fingerprint is required when updating hsbcad to v20.3.27 or v21.0.53.   The visionREZ modules should be turned off, unless the visionREZ is absolutely required, in which case the hsbCadForVrez should be turned on.

The following modules are required for hsbCadForVrez to be turned on:
  • itwbOptions
  • itwbDecking
  • vrezCore
  • vrezBOM
  • vrezFraming 
Please make contact with your local hsbcad office to be issued with a new fingerprint.

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