Modules (Openings)*

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The function of this document is to outline the usage of module (openings) with the hsbcad model Drawing.


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A module is a predefined detail set within the Wall Details or a door or window component.
These are visible in the hsbMODEL as a different colour from the standard timbers.
This colour can be set in the hsbGeneral\Colours as shown below.

Change color to define the module color in the hsbcad Model.

Creating Modules

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Any configuration of timbers can be created manually as a module by using the hsbCAM Menu Structure.
  • To create a module use menu structure - hsbCAM \ Element Machining \ Create Module
  • To remove a module - hsbCAM \ Element Machining \ Remove Module 

Points to Note

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When creating modules use the following guidelines. 

Try not to have a space of less than 30mm between modules. – This is critically important when using automated manufacturing wall lines.
Ensure that when 2 modules are beside each other, that these are removed as a module and recreated again using the create module command as a single module.
When manually creating a module component (i.e multi stud configuration) that this is created as a module even if the timber colours are set to represent a module.

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