hsbcad object enabler*


The function of this document is to be able to take an hsbcad model and open it in a non hsbcad Acad environment.

This allows a user to view the hsbcad models for checking purposes only.

As non hsbcad based AutoCAD environment doesn’t have an hsbConsole to control the model, there will always be an issue of having people viewing multiple levels in model space if
the model has been designed with multiple levels on top of each other.

So in order to have a non hsbcad based Autodesk Product view multiple levels, you must ensure that you have these levels up inside the Layouts. Failure to so will result in the user only
being able to view the complete model.

If the recipient only has AutoCAD it is necessary for him to install both the AutoCAD Architectural (ACA) and hsbcad Object Enablers.

If the recipient has ACA it is only necessary to install the hsbcad Object Enablers.

The ACA object enablers can be freely downloaded from the Autodesk website:

Also, bear in mind that should you receive a drawing created in hsbcad13/AutoCAD 2010/ACA 2010; 2011 and open it in AutoCAD 2012/ ACA 2012, you will not be able to return this
drawing to the original sender as hsbcad13/AutoCAD 2010/ACA 2010; 2011 will not be able to accept it.

What to do

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  • Select Free Products
  • Select the desired Object enabler you want.
Find out first what version the designer has made the drawing in and download that Object enabler.

  • Select the download button.
  • Save this in a temporary folder Unzip the file and install the Object Enabler.
  • Restart your computer and open Autocad.

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