How to Save and Purge TSL's*

How to save TSL’s from a drawing
How to Switch on the Automatic TSL search
How to manually Search new Tsl’s
How to Purge the TSL’s in your drawing

How to save TSL’s from a drawing

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When you get a drawing back from hsbcad and the TSL’s have been updated in a drawing do the following.
  • Open the drawing and select hsbGeneral\Tsl\Tsl select.

  • This will open the ‘’Select Metalpart/Tool Description dialog box.
  • Select ALL, this will show all the tsl’s that are in the drawing.

NOTE: hsbcad needs to provide you with an image to show what Tsl’s have been updated.
  • Select the updated Tsl (only one can be selected at a time), then select the Export button and put the Tsl in your C:\hsbCompany\TSL, do this for all the updated Tsl’s.

One’s you have update the Tsl’s in your hsbCompany folder the next time you open a drawing and the Automatic TSL search is switched on you will get a popup telling you there are
newer Tsl’s for you to update.

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