TH Jan-2018


This tsl is saved in <hsbcad>\Content\General\TSL  


This tsl creates a pocket (mortise) with an optional explicit radius rounding on one face of one or multiple coplanar panels.
During insert it filters redundant panels of the selection set. It  (the standard rounding is only providing 2 radii).

Insert: Manually insert

This tsl has to be added in Model space. 
Insert at location, select a set of panels. 
Modify parameters or use context stretch command to align with other geometry.


The Alignment can be adjusted using properties or grips. 
The dimension of the pocket can be adjusted using the properties or the appropriate context command.Doubleclick toggles between the face of the tool between the reference and the opposite side. 
It requires hsbcad v21.3.1 or v22.0.32 or higher.

Work flow:

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