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KC: Juni 2018
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This allows you to manage multiple entity types in a database from a single location. You can assign an alias identifier to each entity type instead of managing each entity type separately in the workflow of rules. 

Managing multiple wall types into a group of external and internal walls, is an example of an alias list. During the creation of rules, mapping to indiviudal wall codes, is replaced with mapping to the alias external or internal

The location of created aliases will be stored in the hsbCompany folder\Aliases.

Creating an Alias in BomLink.

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Access the alias manager by selecting the button in BomLink.
  • New: Create a new alias set name
  • Rename: Rename the alias set name
  • Delete: Delete the alias set name
  • Add: Create an alias type. From is the entity item to be mapped and To is the alias set to map the item
  • Edit: Modify the alias set
  • Delete: Delete the alias set

Example of using an Alias in a rule.

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  • Situation: Create a rule that will pick up a set of wall types that are all external
  • Task: Assumed an alias set called WallTypes is created with external wall types identified. Create a rule and add filter expression
  • Action:
  • Step 1: In the filter expression of rule add Alias(Code, 'WallTypes')='External' and this will filter out all walltypes meeting the alias set criteria.

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