KC: Juni 2018
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How to create new Project

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  • Click on New.
  • Enter a name for the project.
  • Browse to the correct company folder.
  • Select the inventory type and adjust the Inventory Source settings.
  • Select the Length Unit.

Different Inventory files.

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  • HsbCad Inventory, created inside hsbcad environment.
  • MS Access Inventory Source.
  • MS SQL Server Inventory Source.
  • SqICe inventory Source.
  • SQLite Inventory Source.
  • Text File Inventory Source.
  • ... 

Inventory Source settings - based on Text File (.csv)

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  • Select the path to the inventory of your choice.
  • Adjust the Delimiter.
  • Choose the correct information to the different Fields needed.
  • The fields visible in the drop-down, are the column-headers in the inventory file.

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