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JS: April 2018
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hsbcad for Autodesk Revit Setup

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2 ways how you can Download the installation file.

  1. Search for the Autodesk App store\hsbcad and here you will find the downloads
  2. Search for\products\hsbcad\Revit\ Select the Post&Beam in the circle\download Trial\Enter your mail address.

After you have downloaded the installation file, save this file on your computer in a folder (in this case I made a Folder C:\Temp).
This is a temporary installation folder, DO NOT put this on a server.
Right click the installation file and Unblock it first.

From the C:\Temp folder double click on the ‘hsbOnRevit.exe’ file.

Select the Install button.

The installation is now complete.


Start Revit from your Desktop Icon.

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