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JS: April 2018
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Introduction: Introduces you with the hsbcad for Autodesk Revit tool. 
General Explanation: Explain the Tool Explanation "hsbonRevit".


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Welcome to the User Guide for the hsbTimber for Autdesk Reviton Revit app. This app can be used to design your timber construction.

Tools like cuts, drills and slots can be added to regular Revit structural members.
The structural members can be used for creating machine data and detailed production drawings.

This document will explain all the commands in sequence of the hsbTimber Ribbon, with a general explanation in front.

Shows you a movie how to use the tools.

General explanation

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The hsbTimber for Autodesk Revit app uses regular Revit structural members that are created from the standard structural members templates. If not specified differently in the settings, all Revit structural members can be used for adding tools, creating shopdrawings, export to cnc etc.

Tools applied to these structural members are void families that cut the structural member. A tool can consist of multiple void families that are controlled by a handler. The handler family can be recognized by its magenta color.
Changes to the behavior, shape or dimensions of a tool can only be controlled through the parameters of this handler family instance.


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