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KC: Juni 2018
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Map an assembly to a named component in your model, for example an assembly could exist called firedoor which would contain a list of items related to the fire door and in your model a door style called firedoor also exists.  
Mapping the m.stylename will automatically pick up the assembly and output the items

Example of a Map Assembly

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Situation: A fire door has a number of items that belong to it, and need to be quantified
Task: Create an assembly with the items and map the door in the model to that assembly.
  • Step 1: Select Map Assembly in the rule type
  • Step 2: In the model the door needs to be present and in this case has a style name called firedoor, so we map the m.stylename
  • Step 3: Quantity is set to one, as we want to count the items in the assembly with a multiple of one

  • Step 4: Create an assembly called firedoor and this is with the same name as the m.StyleName so that the mapping of the assembly will work

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