AutoCad crash with windows update*

Applies to Window 7-Windows 8


Recent Windows updates are conflicting with AutoCAD.

After installing Windows security updates MS14-037 (KB2962872), MS14-051 (KB2976627), and/or MS14-052 (KB2977629), AutoCAD crashes frequently.
  • Behavior started happening suddenly, to multiple users in the same office.
  • Windows updates recently installed.
  • Crashes can occur when opening the plot details, after a plot job was completed.
  • Other commands can also result in sudden crashes.
  • Startup Crash on Activation


Uninstall Microsoft update MS14-037 (KB2962872 - July 8, 2014), MS14-051 (KB2976627 - August 12, 2014), and MS14-052 (KB2977629 - September 9, 2014):
  • Navigate to START > Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  • In the left panel, choose "View installed updates".
  • Search for "KB2962872".
  • If it is present, uninstall it.
  • Repeat process to uninstall "KB2976627" and "KB2977629".
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