How to load the Express Tool*

AutoCAD Express Tools is a collection of productivity tools that extend the power of AutoCAD.
These tools are provided as a courtesy to you, but are unsupported. Autodesk does not assume any responsibility for their successful operation. If you have any questions about the AutoCAD Express tools, please post them on an AutoCAD discussion forum on  


  • Open AutoCAD and enter the command MENULOAD
  • Select “acetmain.cuix” from the list Note: “acetmain” = “AutoCAD Express Tools Main“.
  • C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2014\UserDataCache\Support
  • Click Open.

  • Click “Load” and then verify that the Express Tools menu loaded by checking the list of loaded menus
  • Click “Close”

Now enjoy your Express Tools…

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