How to draw rounded roof and project rounded walls to this roof*

JS: April 2015
Draw some ADT walls with Rounded and straight walls.

  • For the Roof: draw rounded (arc) lines and make this into a polyline with the function ‘Pedit’.

Arc (polyline) that has the shape of your roof.

  • Place the Polyline above the walls

Extrude the polyline with the command ‘Extrude’ over your building.

  • Project the Walls to the extruded polyline, this has changed to a 3D Solid.
  • Select all walls, right click and select ‘Roof/Floor line’ – Modify Roof line, type ‘A’ (Auto project) and select the 3D solid Roof.
This will project all your walls to the so called roofline.
If you want to draw Rounded top plates then you need to enter _ in the Cutting plane.

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