Re-Numbering Elements*

Why Do I Need To Change The Element Numbers

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Even if you create your elements in the required order, there will be times when elements are automatically re-numbered, such as when you split a wall the new section of wall will get the next available number and your walls may no longer be in the order you wish.

What Elements Can I Renumber

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You can renumber any of the following elements Log Walls, Panels/Sips, Stick Frame Walls, Roof/Floor and Multi Walls.

How Is It Done

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To re-number elements select hsbGeneral\Elements\Re-number Elements and fill in the settings for re-numbering your elements.

Element Re-number

When renumbering elements you select settings for
Type of element.
Number Format.

Type of element

  • Select the type of element that you want to renumber, for full control over the numbers that are used it is best to only renumber one type of element at a time. I.e. renumber walls, and then renumber floors separately. 

Number format

Here you fill out how you want your elements to be numbered using the following settings.
Prefix – Enter character(s) that you would like to see as a prefix to the element number. E.g. Prefix = GF, if you want your elements to be numbered GF1,GF2...
Number Of Digits – Enter the number of digits you want your element numbers to appear as. E.g. Number of Digits = 3, if you want the element to be numbered 001,002...
In this example I choose 2 so I get _A, the underscore counts for a digit.
Sequence type – Select one of the 2 options if you want your elements to have letters instead of numbers. E.g. A, B, C...BA, BB, BC.
Start Number – Enter the first number you want to use for numbering. This number will typically be 1, unless you want to start at a different number.

Allow Cross Window Selection – If you turn on this option you will have the option to create a crossing/window around your elements.
Using a crossing/window will give you less control over the numbering sequence because you can’t pick the order of the numbering for the
elements. Once you have entered your settings, select ok and pick on the elements in the order you want them re-numbered in. You should
mmediately see the elements re-numbered in your drawing area and in the hsbConsole.

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