TSL | Nesting*


The nesting TSL uses three TSL for execution that need to reside in your drawing
  • hsbTSLSettingsIO
  • hsbCLT-Presorter
  • hsbCLT-MasterPanelManager
All tsl's are saved in your <Program Files>\hsbcad\<hsbcad20...>\Content\General\TSL


The TSL creates a result of nested panels determined from a 3D model of panels, all placed within a master panel.

There are three TSL's and one XML file required to trigger the nesting result.
  1. hsbCLT-MasterPanelManager - displays properties of associated childpanels of the referenced master panel. Initially it will execute a nesting, but one can fire this command through context as well. 
  2. hsbCLT-Presorter - creates and sorts child panels. It requires 'hsbCLT-MasterPanelManager' in one of the search paths and uses the external settings of an XML data file.
  3. hsbTSLSettingsIO - imports/exports custom settings
  4. MasterPanelManagerSettings - XML data file that contain the settings for the hsbCLT-MasterPanelManager. It is important that the XML is placed in <companyfolder>/TSL/settings.  You can get further information on the XML here


All TSL must be resident in the template of the model.

hsbCLT-Presorter can work independent of hsbCLT-MasterPanelManager however the latter will call the hsbCLT-Presorter during its execution.
A supporting MasterPanelManagerSettings XML file is required for the settings of the hsbCLT-MasterPanelManager and is stored in the hsbcompany folder, so therefore it is important that the correct company folder is set in the template of the model.


To view/edit XML files efficiently, it is advised to download the free Notepad++ and install the XML tools in this application. In no event will hsbcad be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this third party software.

How it works:

First time running TSL Nesting 
hsbCLT-MasterPanelManager requires the MasterPanelManagerSettings XML file to execute.
On first time running the XML file will not exist, so needs to be created.
  • Run the hsbTSLSettingsIO TSL, selecting import as the input means for the TSL.  This ensures the XML is loaded into the drawing
  • Call hsbCLT-MasterPanelManager and set the required properties for the masterpanel and child panel 

  • Select a point on screen to place the presorter result - a preview of the nesting result.  This preview allows the user to interact with the presorting result. The  hsbCLT-MasterPanelManager could be called again on a subset of the presorting result.
  • Right click to confirm selection - placement of the nesting result.

  • It is also possible to Modify and/or copy the sections in the XML to the settings of your organisation.  Use Notepad++ to do this.  

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